Faith Talk 1450 Share-A-Thon

Raised thus far – $52,633

Current Number of Gideon 300 Supporters

Gideon 300 Supporters still needed

It takes $300 a day to operate Praise FM 103.9 and FaithTalk 1450. Therefore we need 300 listeners to commit to giving $30 a month for 12 months to help us meet our operating budget. Just like Gideon only needed 300 valiant men to defeat the enemies of God, we only need 300 valiant listeners to step and give. Will you be a part of Gideon’s 300?
When you give financially during the Fall Share-A-Thon and join Gideon’s 300, then we have this appreciation gift: 


Praise FM/FaithTalk 1450 Fleece Blanket

Praise FM Premium Fleece Jacket


Praise FM Premium Fleece Jacket

Share-A-Thon is always a fun time and we want you be a part of the fun, fellowship and this huge step of faith! You are welcome to come by the studios and see us at 3300 Rosemar Road anytime during the day. We promise to have hot coffee and a donut waiting for you.